Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, has pointed out that we now generate in two days the same amount of information as humanity had generated from the birth of the world to the year 2003.

In the face of this, some organizations react by seeking to innovate, venture off the beaten path and adopt bold new approaches to information. Others are aware of the risks posed by outdated information management but are unable to determine what to do and in what order.

In either case, Infopremium can help its clients draw the most from their information and feel in control of the situation.

What if you could provide your clients with the information they needed right away?

What if external auditors no longer gave you the jitters?

What if the expertise of former employees stayed with you long after they had moved on?

The need to include information management in a company’s business strategy is increasingly vital, given the invasiveness of information today and the fact that the controls formerly applied (e.g. media, system, collection, project, etc.) have reached their limits.



Determined/standardized/delimited media,
versions, formats

Accessibility issues

Collections and duration



Interchangeability, renewal,
circulation, proliferation

Tracking and relevance issues

Just-in-time (JIT) information