• Infopremium’s approach is based in proven project management practices adapted to the corporate culture, business realities and workforce of the organization in question.
  • Whether the focus is strategies, technologies or a combination of both, our work remains closely connected the day-to-day operations and concerns of the people who produce, use and organize the information.


Needs classification

Needs are clarified and ordered through listening, debate, identifying the scope of work, and establishing a common understanding of such key concepts as information, data and documents.

Information gathering

Beyond traditional internal documentation, information gathering is interactive and takes place through workshops, interviews or brief surveys, bringing facts and expectations quickly to the fore.


Analysis brings to light, explains and compares the organization’s particularities based on facts, observations and reliable sources.


Diagnosis is a documented opinion based on specific criteria about the organization’s informational health.

Solution proposal/assessment

Solutions are the options that make it possible to bring about change, resolve an issue or improve a situation. Solutions can be strategic, technological, related to working procedures… or a combination of all three!


Implementation is the progressive fulfilment of deliverables leading to a desired outcome. The implementation process continuously adapts and adjusts, based on project interdependencies, constraints and risks.

Continued improvement (CI)

During execution and after delivery, continued improvement entails taking measurements to confirm that a project, solution or process remains on target. The CI scorecard reveals opportunities for improvement as well as for maximizing the benefits of a particular solution.