• Loves to take on complex informational challenges
  • Excellent at organizing, integrating, locating, archiving and securely deleting information
  • Develops processes, technologies and tools that draw the maximum from information
  • Focuses on building knowledge and innovation capacities


From the very start, Infopremium has grounded its approach in quality, ethics, adaptability and innovation.

Operation and teamwork

Infopremium’s senior consultant Carole Brouillette supervises all mandates. As needed, she can create partnerships or put together teams in response to a project’s specific needs.

Infopremium’s strengths

  • Bringing each project to successful conclusion and hitting targets
  • Strong skills in documentation, technology and project leadership — a rare combination
  • Excellent knowledge of information management systems along with extensive experience in their specification, implementation and configuration
  • Applied knowledge of Canadian and Quebec regulatory frameworks (e.g. Act to Establish a Legal Framework for Information Technology, Privacy Act, Canada Evidence Act, etc.)
  • At ease working with organizations of any size
  • An impartial attitude that launches or accelerates informational transformation, generates dialogue and mobilizes teams