Infopremium helps organizations understand their informational landscape, transform their processes, and develop solutions that improve their capacity.


Consulting and strategizing

Infopremium observes, documents, validates and compares information management practices. We apply our expertise to your culture, capacity and ambitions to come up with a coherent information management strategy tailored to your specifics. We take a realistic approach to transformation and also provide mechanisms for measuring outcomes.

Solutions development

Infopremium provides information management solutions in both the professional and technological spheres. We develop information management frameworks, information architectures, taxonomies and retention schedules. We define functional specifications, assess system efficiency, and implement features and capabilities in response to a range of needs: automation, teamwork, mobility and integration.

Project management

Infopremium can also oversee any projects you have in the areas of information and knowledge management. We draw on Project Management Institute (PMI) best practices to identify, plan, execute and follow up.

“When information is accessible, reliable and of good quality, it is no longer seen as a necessary evil but as a force for action, creation and learning.”


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About Carole Brouillette

After over 15 years’ experience working in information management for different organizations, Carole Brouillette founded Infopremium in 2012. Today she is its president and principal consultant.

GREGI set to publish a work on information governance

Carole Brouillette has authored one chapter in the upcoming book on information governance set for publication by the GREGI (interdisciplinary research group on information governance). The collective work will be published by Presses de l’Université du Québec.

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